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2020 / Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and
Cultural Criticism 
University of California Press

Review: DesignInquiry: Futurespective. Vol. 47 No.1, 72-77

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2019 / Ne Oralı Ne Buralı 
Editor: Isil Oz


Interview: Pages 22-27

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2015 / Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and 
Cultural Criticism

Review: People's Biennial 2014. Vol. 42 No.5, 28-29 (with Claudia Pederson)

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2014 / Design and Resistance Conference Proceedings
Yasar University Izmir, Turkey

Paper: A DIY Book Project on Women's Networks


2010 / Photoworks Magazine UK (Spring Summer)

Book Review: Journey to the Margins of Turkish Politics

Mike Mandel and Chantal Zakari: The State of Ata:
The Contested Imagery of Power in Turkey, 76-78


2006 / Arredamento Mimarlik 

Interview: Taktik Medya: Steve Kurtz, 88-97 
(With Orkan Telhan)


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