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Cabaret Voltaire: Fluxus West, San Diego, and Southern California Mail Art

Editors: Arzu Ozkal and Mila Waldeck (2023)

From design, poetry, satire, and the cut up technique to Burroughs, and to industrial music and punk zines, to the mobilization power of political periodicals... With my co-editor, Mila Waldeck, I have compiled a collection of original essays from international authors and academics that studied different aspects of CabVolt; explored it from both theoretical and practice-based perspectives.

Hyperbole Books (an imprint of SDSU Press)


Collaboration in Design Education: Case Studies & Teaching Methodologies

Editors: Marty Maxwell Lane (Author), Rebecca Tegtmeyer (2020)

Chapter 3: Peer-to-Peer Learning Across Disciplines (3.1 SCULPTYPE, Arzu Özkal and Richard Keely (San Diego State University, USA)

Chapter 5: Intradisciplinary Faculty Collaboration (5.1 Pass the Pixel, Özlem Özkal (Özyegin University, Turkey), Canan Akoglu (Design School Kolding, Denmark), Ben Van Dyke (Michigan State University, USA) and Arzu Özkal (San Diego State University, USA))

Bloomsbury Academic


Gün: Women’s Networks: Turkey

Editors: Arzu Ozkal and Claudia Costa Pederson (2013)

This book provides another platform for Turkish women’s cultural production - extending the “language of crafts” among networked women working with contemporary media. In practice, the work involves online exchanges between participants, with each woman contributing work related to the gün as a social/cultural form-- a handle for research into the ideas, conditions, and aspirations framing the cultural positions of women in Turkey and those living and working abroad.

Gün is distributed by SDSU Press
as part of its Bi Sheng/Juan Pablos Digitovisuo Artifacts series.

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