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Since 2011, Arzu Ozkal has been working together with women from Turkey, Europe and USA to design platforms of social exchange. With Claudia Costa Pederson, she published Gün: Women's Networks DIY book project based on a Turkish tradition of women's social gatherings called 'gün.' Gün(s) are informal hubs of social networks where women exchange recipes and skills; share opinions and remedies, and discuss issues and concerns about their local communities. Güns offer a temporary refuge from the patriarchal nature of the society we live in.

Women's Networks - Athens is an investigation of these informal networks and their extension into digital media with the aim of gaining mutual understanding of the sociocultural conditions impacting women's participation in contemporary culture, as well as activating future creative collaborations.

Home Affairs is an ongoing project by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi that intends to challenge of mainstream representation of motherhood in the 21st century. Through a series of prints 'Home affairs' traverses the domestic domain across different cultures and intend to capture the kind of challenges women go through at different ages--from domestic violence to educational rights.